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BHDSF - Stud To Flat Bar - Type BHDSF 4 Hole

Stud To Flat Bar Type BHDSF 4 Hole – 2 Piece

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BHDSF110-005TP 3"-12 Stainless Steel Hardware
BHDSF110-005TP-SB 3"-12 Silicon Bronze hardware
BHDSF110-010TP 2"-12 Stainless Steel Hardware
BHDSF110-010TP-SB 2"-12 Silicon Bronze hardware
BHDSF110-015TP 1 1/2"-12 Stainless Steel Hardware
BHDSF110-015TP-SB 1 1/2"-12 Silicon Bronze hardware

Terminals are not tin plated, if tin plating is required, please specify tin plating in the comments box when requesting a quotation.
If silver plating is required put SP after the part number when requesting a quotation.